The Sahara Desert, the Gobi Desert, the Atacama Desert and the Mojave Desert. You’ve must have heard about these once right? But have you ever heard about the ‘Namib Desert’? This 43 million years old African beauty is located in Namibia (Africa) and is considered the world’s oldest desert! You’re probably thinking: “A dusty, 43 million years old, desert is not a place to visit anytime soon”. But let me give you 4 reasons to reconsider.

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1 A 900 Year Old Dead Forest

In a land faraway lays a forest that has been dead for over 900 years and has remained unchanged for all that time.  This forest can be found in the dead lake called ‘Deadvlei’, which is surrounded by the highest sand dunes in the world. The biggest one of all is about 350 meters high, and because of his nicknames ‘Big Daddy’ and ‘Crazy Dune’ you know you shouldn’t mess with this bad boy.


2 Giant Pebbles

These ‘Giant Pebbles’ are actually 120 million year old granite monoliths in Spitzkoppe, Namibia. Imagine yourself driving around in a 4×4 or Safari Truck and seeing those little pebbles grow to 700 meter high peaks as you come closer. This alien landscape is used as the filing location for ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. Not far from here scenes were shot for the movie ’10.000 B.C.’.


3 The Mekka of Extreme Sports

The desert is a desolate place, where life is hard and probably mega boring too. Guess again! The adventure capital ‘Swakopmund’ in Namibia, is the place to be if you like extreme sports and adventurous activities. Skydive , Stunt your way through the desert on a Quad Bike, Paraglide over the dunes, go skydiving or just stay in the airplane and fly over the desert and the Skeleton Coast.


4 Snowboarding in the Desert

Love snowboarding, but hate the cold? Why don’t you just pack your gear and go sandboarding in the Namibian desert? It’ll be every bit as ‘cool’ as you can imagine. Oh just one thing: you know those comfy ski lifts they have on your regular snowboarding holiday? You can forget about those, it’s the two legged carriage up the dunes for you.

I’m giving away a Round The World Ticket! 

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