They don’t call Namibia the adventure capital of Africa for no reason. But that doesn’t mean that when your feening for another adrenaline rush, this is the only place. Oh no, there is more. Much more… Here are 5 activities to get your adrenaline pumping!

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1 The Highest Bungee jump in the World

The Bloukrans Bridge Bungee Jump is considered the highest bungee jump spot of the world! For about 216 meters you’ll see you’re life flashing before your eyes, until quite suddenly you’re just dangling there. Asking yourself: “Am I still alive?”. Yes my friend, you are. You’ve never been more alive than just now.17 South-Africa-Bungeejump

2 Sandboarding in Namibia

Love snowboarding, but hate the cold? Why don’t you just pack your gear and go sandboarding in the Namibian desert? It’ll be every bit as ‘cool’ as you can imagine. Oh just one thing: you know those comfy ski lifts they have on your regular snowboarding holiday? You can forget about those, it’s the two legged carriage up the dunes for you.14 Namibia-Swakopmund Sandboarding #2

3 Wild Water Rafting in the Zambezi River

Ladies and Gentleman, please hold on to your swim gear. This one is gonna be rough! Raft the wild waters of the Zambezi River, all the way from the Victoria Falls as far down stream as you’re gonna survive. Bring only your bravest of friends if you’re gonna do the ‘Wild Water Rafting & Camp’ excursion.16 Zimbabwe White Water Rafting

4 Quad Driving

Get some horse power up underneath your tush with these bad boys. Race through the desert, challenge those mighty sand dunes and show them who’s boss. 15 Namibia-Swakopmund Quad Biking Selfie

5 Bungeejump without a bungee cord!

Yeah go for it! Jump out of a plane, no bungee cord attached. But be sure to strap on a parachute. Seriously, this is way scarier than bungee jumping… Climbing up to 10.000 feet goes way to slow, so you have enough time to think of all the ways to escape. However, there is just one way out…DCIM139GOPRO

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I’m giving away a Round The World Ticket!

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