Snorkelling is one of the funnest things to do while you’re on a holiday. But did you ever think about taking it one step further and go diving? It’s the most awesome feeling when you’re in a state of weightlessness floating through open water, accompanied by creatures you never ever seen before. Swimming through schools of fish, finding a big ass barracuda next to you on a night dive and seeing turtles sleep underwater. Still not convinced to leave your snorkel gear be and get your dive certificates? Here are five other reasons to go!

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1 It doesn’t get any cheaper than on Koh Tao, Thailand.

Because getting your diving certificates has never been cheaper than in Koh Tao, Thailand. After getting your ‘Open Water’ degree, don’t stop while you’re at it. Doing the ‘Advanced Course’ is thrice as fun!

TIP: There is one diving school in Koh Tao I can definitely advice: Pearl Diving. These guys are really fun, professional and you’re not one of the 30 students in a group. 

2 Feeling like the space explorer you always dreamt of being.

You constantly wonder on which alien planet you just arrived. You arrive by ship at an alien place, glide through the water in your ‘space suit’ feeling all weightless. And all around you there are creatures you’ve never ever seen before.

3 Go deeper, further and stay there longer than ever before.

Depending on diving depth and the kind ‘air’ you’re using, you can stay underwater for a couple of minutes up till 40 minutes. Get your advanced and dive to 30 meters below the surface. And at least once in your life you should experience what it is like to swim through a school of fish.  A-MA-ZING! 

4 Because wreck diving is insanely cool.

Check out the following dive sites if you wanna go wreck diving: (1) SS Yongala in Australia, (2) USS Kittiwake in the Cayman Islands, (3) USNS General Hoyt S. van der Berg in Key West, Florida, (4) San Fransico Maru in Micronesia and (5) SS Thistlegorm in Egypt.

5 Seeing the corals and plankton glow at night is a magical experience

Because it’s a magical experience to see the glow in the dark corals and plankton during your nightdives. At night the hunter fish – like the big barracuda- come out to play or run into a turtle sleeping underwater. But one thing is for sure, when you break through the surface and see a pitch black night sky filled with stars you’ll be definitely hooked.

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I’m giving away a Round The World Ticket!

>> Log in here if you want to win! <<<

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