When you’re traveling through Africa and Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa are on your route. You better beware, because you can expect the unexpected. I definitely didn’t expect these five things! (haha)

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1 Farting Zebras

Your Africa trip will be full of surprises, some more pleasant then the other. There will be two things you’ll definitely remember after visiting Africa, the first time you see a hurd of black and white horses we like to call ‘Zebras’. And the first time you hear these guys – and girls too – farting with every step they take. Didn’t nobody teach them any manners?


2 Being Part of the Food Chain Again

Wake up before sunrise, get dressed and get ready for some animal tracking 101. In the Kruger National Park you can go on a morning hike, accompanied by two rangers, to get up close and personal with: the Big 5, the Ugly 5 and all of the other inhabitants of the Kruger Park. Be a ranger for a day and go home feeling glad that humans are on the top of the food chain.


3 Feeling Really Tiny

With all those skyscrapers we build, the planes we fly, the rockets we sent out to space, it’s easy to forget how tiny we actually are. Go to the ‘Fish River Canyon’ in Africa, the second largest canyon in the world, and marvel at the wondrous things Momma Nature creates.


4 Jumping Out of a Plane

Well, this is something you don’t do every day. Climbing to 10.000 feet in a tiny airplane, strapped to another guy, with 4 other people filling all the available space in there is. But don’t worry, after 15 minutes you’ll have other things to worry about. Like the fact that the you’re falling down to earth at a staggering speed of 55 meters per second.


5 A Mouth Full of Sand

Do you remember those cold and snowy winters, where you would take you’re sled and race your friends of the hills? Well you can do that all year round in the Namib Desert, just bring a piece of cardboard and before you know it, you’re rushing downhill. Just like the old day, but now you’re ending up with a mouth full of sand instead of snow.

I’m giving away a Round The World Ticket! 

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