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Life is more than sitting at home, working all day, sleeping all night. More then seeing everything from behind a screen. Go out there, experience and make some great memories. You’ll see, life is even better than you can imagine. Get free, feel good.

This blog is packed with videos to inspire you to go on vacation, book a holiday trip to paradise or to become a backpacker and start backpacking.

NotGoingHome is all about the best travel destinations, most beautiful accommodations and coolest activities. Besides that, I’ll share my favourite ‘Travel Gadgets’ and ‘Fashion Apparel’ with you.

In fact, I’ll be helping you to make some epic memories by giving away:
flight tickets, hotel stays, gadgets, loads of travel inspiration and much more.  
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The blog is run by Yolan Post, who decided to leave everything behind: quit his job as a ‘Marketing & Sales Director’ for a European Music Television channel and waved his girlfriend and friends goodbye at the airport. Only to be accompanied by his action camera and drone to capture his adventures on film.

Don’t hesitate to contact me using my contact page or via info@notgoinghome.eu.

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Yolan Post


Get Free, Feel Good. You don't want to go home? I got you! Travel with me around the world and find the best travel destinations, amazing places to stay and coolest activities. Oh and i'll tell you a bit about my favourite gadgets and fashion.