Cape Town, oh beautiful Cape Town! You know, the place in South Africa where: the models migrate in huge flocks to escape the cold winters overseas, drooling all over the surfer studs has never been easier and where penguins roam the beaches. Penguins? Yes, penguins! These are the 5 best beaches of Cape Town. 

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1 Muizenberg

Beginners Surfing Beach. Okay, you’re going for the surfer look this year. But you forgot that one thing.. that you really can’t surf? No biggie, just go to ‘Muizenberg’ rent a board, ride the waves and be the best surf dude(tte) you can be. Change outfits in these colourful beach shacks.4A Cape Town - Muizenberg 2

2 Camps Bay Beach

Check this out this one! The locals call it the South African Miami. And you might undestand why..The promenade filled with palm trees, the roads with ferrari’s, the beaches with pretty people. Get your *ss over here!4B Cape Town - Camps Bay

3 Clifton Beach

Choices, choices, choices. In Cape Town everybody has their own beach! Clifton Beach #1 is well know as being ‘Local Beach‘. And Clifton #2? That’s ‘Model Beach’. Please be advised not to feed the models please, as they are known to show some signs of agression.  Numero 3 is ‘Gay Minded Beach’. Looking for something more private? Clifton 4 is your beach! So which one are you going to?4C Cape Town - Clifton Beach Sunset

4 Boulders Beach, Simon’s Town

Okay, this is weird. It’s 36 degrees, imagine yourself on the beach, chillin’ on your towel and you’re surrounded by Penguins?! Just smile and wave boys! Smile and wave.

4D Cape Town - Penguin Simonstown

5 Llandudno Beach

Safe the best for last. Move your booty to the prettiest of all the beaches in Cape Town! You can chill, surf, body board or just enjoy the beauty of this beach.4E Cape Town - Llandudno

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I’m giving away a Round The World Ticket! 

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