Cape Town is the pearl of South Africa, Africa: beaches packed with surfers and models, amazing food, loads of hipster bars and some say it’s quickly turning into the ‘dance capital’ of the African countries. Wanna hike? See one of the seven wonders of the world? Ride a jetski powered water jetpack? Love bungee jumping? This is the place. All of the ingredients are there for a heck of a vacation. Here are the five things to do in Cape Town when you’re there!

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1 Hiking Trails Galore

Throw those hiking boots of yours in the travel bag and start planning. Capetonians are all an adventurous bunch of people, who’ll gladly tell you about the best hiking trails. But just to name a few, hiking up to Lionshead is a must do, walk all the way up to Signall Hill and see the sun setting during an evening picknick. Or go for the intense hike to the top of Table mountain.

2 Epic sunset at Table Mountain

Some sunsets are o-kay, some are amazing, but the sunset on top of Table Mountain is just breath taking. The clouds are running from the one side of this seven wonders of the wore mountain to the other, and this place gives you a spectacular sight on Cape Town. By the way make sure to bring something warm, because it can get quite chilly.


3 The highest bungee jump in the world

Ladies leave your men at home, and all you fellows leave your girl with her friends! Cause it’s 11:30 and you’ll be jumpin’ jumpin’. Jumping of a 216 meters high bridge in South Africa has never ever been this easy. There are two ways to do it:

Option #1 – You jump at the count of 3.

Option #2 – When you hear “1-2-3 Bungee Jump Jump Jump Juuuump!” And you don’t jump, don’t worry… The friendly bungee jump people while just help you.

Ahh there you go, that wasn’t so hard right? Now get back on the road and be amazed by the stunning scenery during your garden route roadtrip.

Bungeejump South Africa

4 Flying over the water on a scooter

The infamous ‘Jetovator’ found his way to Cape Town. You know that the water powered scooter attached to a Jetski! This awesome invention let’s you cruise at 40 km/h at a maximum height of 12 meters. When you get the hang of it, start freestyling and dive under water after a freefall. Just try this!

5 Feel like human bait for the local fish

Want know how it feels to be human bait for the local fish? Are you done with the boring snorkeling experience and want to see something more intense? Just visit Gansbaai, the White Shark Mecca, and try some White Shark Cage diving.  This is the place where National Geographic Channel films all their good stuff.

TIP: Dive with the guys of ‘The White Shark Projects’ and come home alive and well 😉

Cape Town - Two Oceans Aquarium

I’m giving away a Round The World Ticket! 

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