Ahhhh my last video on Southern-Africa for now. When I watch this video, I just know there is so much more to discover on the rugged but beautiful continent of Africa. East-Africa is the next on the bucket list, let’s see what that is all about. Zanzibar is supposed to be amazing, a must do is a visit to the Mountain Gorilla’s in Uganda and there is so much more to discover.

 In the meanwhile, buckle up for this last video on Southern Africa. These four things you should definitely witness with your own eyes when you’re visiting.

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1 Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

One of the wonders of the world Victoria Falls, also known as ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ or ‘The Smoke that Thunders’. It’s part of the Zambezi River that borders both Zambia and Zimbabwe. There is just a bridge dividing these two countries, and in the middle you can bungee jump down into the falls.

Once ‘discovered’ by the famous David Livingstone, nowadays the waterfall is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. North America’s Niagara Falls is about half the height of the Victoria Falls. And the ‘Vic Falls’ are almost double the width compared to the Horseshoe Falls. The only waterfall that rivals this one in height and width, is the ‘Iguazu Falls’ located in both Argentina and Brazil.

(Original footage: JDP, no copyright infringement is intended).


2 The Okavango Delta, Botswana.

Second spot that is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list is the mighty Okavango Delta in Botswana. The delta is only seasonally flooded, and when the rain comes… It brings lightning and thunder, a whole lot of it.


3 Wildlife (Hippo Pool & those bloody horny Monkeys)

Everything you saw on TV, on Animal Planet, Discovery Channel or National Geographic.. you now see it in real life. This place is also buzzing with wild life! When you’re there, you’re bound to run into these bad boys: the angry hippo, horny monkeys, farting zebras and stressed out wildebeest.


4 Skeleton Coast, Namibia.

Believe me, you could do an epic roadtrip along ‘The Skeleton Coast’. The coast is littered with skeletons of Whales and Seals, but also with hundreds of ship wrecks. And apparently along the coast there is also a great surf called ‘Skeleton Bay’.


I’m giving away a Round The World Ticket!

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